Who are The Grumpy Optimists?

Hello 👋 I’m George, an average runner, hopefully, an above-average newsletter writer and co-founder at Zevero, a decarbonisation platform built to help companies measure and reduce their carbon emissions.

I created this back in September 2020 as a way to share thoughts and ideas on climate change, sustainability, and technology. Self-described as grumpy, I channel my frustrations into action and provide an optimistic outlook on the very problems that give me a reason to be a pessimist.

My ideas range from finding ways to change the climate action narrative to questioning if technology can save us from climate disaster.

Pretty bloody interesting stuff if you ask us, but I might be biased.

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I'm George, a climate optimist who's channelling his inner climate frustrations by recapping positive climate news. Sometimes it's insightful, questionably funny and a great way to start the week.


We’re a team of grumpy environmentalists who want to find a place to channel our frustrations about climate change and present solutions to overcome them.